alfa ProductionSuite

Every publisher wants to push back the deadline for newspaper production as far as possible. With alfa ProductionSuite, alfa Media offers a cutting-edge tool for page planning, publishing and production control that can meet this requirement while simultaneously guaranteeing production reliability.


  • High efficiency thanks to clear planning of complex product structures and almost total workflow automation.
  • Great flexibility due to close integration – which means last-minute changes are possible before printing commences.
  • Enhanced transparency thanks to seamless monitoring of production status of all elements: pages, advertisements and articles.

alfa ProductPlanner

The product planning tool ProductPlanner combines a host of functions typically found in individual stand-alone packages. It offers an optimal integration of information and applications that are directly involved in the production of printed publications: The editorial system, the advertisement system, the advertisement composition system as well as the tracking system


  • Advertisements sold to a fixed position are positioned directly.
  • The amount of booked advertisements sorted by categories can be queried at any time, and can be compared to the available space.
  • Partial pages for classifieds and other elements can be referred to in as many news-paper editions as desired, and can be placed on different pages and positions in each edition.

alfa ProductTracker

Modern production process of printed publications requires constant monitoring to stay in optimal shape. ProductTracker displays the present production status of individual elements, pages, partial pages, releases etc. either in tables or in graphical representation. The information is controlled through different status types.


  • Status is available at any time. Product Tracker always has access to the current production status from all applications, starting at the planning stage until the final release. 
  • The Product Tracker user interface can be customized to the individual client and user. 
  • Based on the plan, progress is tracked and alerts are issued, if some components are falling behind schedule.

alfa AdJust

As an integrated component of the alfa AdSuite, the ad pagination alfa AdJust with its tight interlock in the production planning is an essential element in the ad and newspaper production. The ad pagination system alfa AdJust serves for the complete electronic production of entirely pure advertisement pages.  


  • Make-up and the creation of entire advertisement pages is automated.
  • Control procedures for small ad make-up boost efficiency.
  • Deep integration with other alfa OpenMedia modules enables seamless interaction between the editorial office, the advertisement system and production planning.