We don't just deliver the matching software, we also support you in choosing and installing the ideal IT environment for your company. Our services don't stop here. If desired we can also take over the service management as well as the administration for purchased systems and hosting models alike such as the different cloud versions.


  • Specialised in high availability and performant system layout.
  • 20 years experience in production critical applications in the client/server environment 
  • SaaS (Software as a Service) and cloud options for the complete alfa product portfolio on self-managed high availability plattforms within the self owned data center in Frankfurt.
  • Trained and certified team of database specialists for the database plattforms such as Oracle, Sybase and PostgreSQL

alfa CloudComputing

Professionality, availability and security.

alfa CloudComputing opens up new possibilities for media companies to focus on their core business of publishing without concerning themselves with complex IT processes. alfa Media offers extensive support for the efficient
configuration and optimization of business processes – be it for SaaS applications (Software as a Service), web services or cloud computing with managed services.

alfa Content Distribution Service

Faster than the internet allows.

Accessing the Internet to retrieve information goes without saying these days. In an ever increasing mobile society, the Internet offers unique possibilities to be able to provide comprehensive, multimedia information. This is much faster than any other media is able to accomplish – when the performance is right.