Powerful innovational strength: alfa Media and red.web constitute new strong entity

alfa Media, one of the leading software providers in the media sector, acquires red.web, Koblenz’s software mill, effective 1st of January 2017. red.web was founded in 2003 and is one of the pioneers in modern editorial systems in Germany. Journalists in Europe produce today more than 200 titles with the software of the Mittelrhein-Verlag. More than 25 publishing firms use red.web’s editorial system, among them German publishing houses such as the "Neue Westfälische" in Bielefeld, the "General-Anzeiger" in Bonn, the Main-Echo in Aschaffenburg as well as international publishers in Sweden, Luxemburg, Switzerland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The Mittelrhein-Verlag, publisher of the „Rhein-Zeitung“ and their local editions, will act as the premium reference for the complete range of alfa Media and red.web products. 

With the bundling of forces and their know-how, alfa Media and red.web can now provide their customers quicker with even more valuable benefits. "It was very important for us that the merging of the development teams enormously increases our innovative power, as technology plays an increasingly important role in the media sector. The merger of two strong service providers in the market is therefore the right step in this direction. We can now significantly increase flexibility in both, national and international competition", explains Jens Emmerich, CEO of alfa Media. With its location in Koblenz, one of the most modern centers for the development of publishing software becomes available.

New opportunities will arise in a variety of new offers, for example, in the field of cloud services. The development of the future concept "virtual newsroom", new apps and ePaper-offers can now be accelerated. Furthermore, complete systems can now be offered as a "software-as-a-service" solution, which is billed according to actual usage.

Current, in-service solutions will continue to be supported. Customers will soon benefit from the alliance of alfa Media and red.web and the resulting increase in innovation. Jens Emmerich comments: "Customers are informed about the merger. Presentations about the concept and next steps will naturally be available at short-notice."

For more information on red.web please visit the website