Digital Content Expo 2018 - A full success!

With many new trend-setting solutions in our luggage, especially those that support media houses to address relevant target groups individually, at short notice and with the desired goal, and this also browser-based, without great installation and maintenance effort, we went off to the DCX 2018 in Berlin.

Our alfa WebStore, alfa Stylo Cloud and alfa WebTracker were particularly popular with national and international visitors. The alfa WebStore, our shop portal for all modern forms of advertising, scored particularly well due to the simple and user-friendly design of the interface, which keeps the focus of the ad design fully in mind, as well as the almost limitless possibilities of upselling offered by this system, which is operated as a "Software as a Service" solution in alfa Media's datacentre. The alfa Stylo online and WYSIWYG editor, alfa Stylo, is the ideal complement to this. It can be used to produce both classifieds and designed ads professionally, quickly and easily. New here is the possibility of storing the entire Stylo structure data in the cloud (fonts and various pools etc.), which makes alfa StyloCloud the perfect tool for integrators. Our alfa WebTracker was also very much in demand, as it also performs very lightweight in the browser and thus makes tracking from planning to production possible regardless of location, which at the same time guarantees a high level of production security.

All in all, we were able to convince with new, trend-setting innovations and are pleased to be able to present these solutions now in detail to various media companies. We would also be very happy to present them to media houses that did not have the opportunity to view them at the trade fair.