Complete advertising package from alfa Media: Fränkische Landeszeitung now relies on AdSuite Market, Stylo and WebStore

The Fränkische Landeszeitung is a regional daily newspaper headquartered in Ansbach. The distribution area of the Fränkische Landeszeitung is both the city district and the district Ansbach and the district Neustadt an der Aisch and Rothenburg. Among its 4 sub-issues are the regional issues Ansbach, Dinkelsbühl / Feuchtwangen, Neustadt / Scheinfeld / Uffenheim and Rothenburg.

The publisher has been using alfa Media's modern editorial components since 2012: alfa PrintLayout offers maximum functionality and simple handling. The user interface is intuitive to use. Each new element can be placed via drag & drop and edited directly on the page. Creative layout professionals have many useful design options available for each operation. There are intelligent quality mechanisms for the photo processing. alfa PrintLayout allows a wide variety of production forms: the classic "one man = one page" as well as the work of several editors on one page. Both text- and layout-driven working methods and mixed forms are possible.

In addition, the Fränkische Landeszeitung has decided to use the leading ad management system AdSuite Market, which harmonises perfectly with the solutions in the editorial area.

With alfa AdSuite Market, a wide variety of advertising formats for all current communication channels can be implemented productively, flexibly and simply. alfa AdSuite Market supports current market requirements, integrates customers into production and ordering processes and integrates administrative and technical processing. In doing so, alfa AdSuite Market orients itself to the essential requirements of the media houses. The responsive design makes it possible to optimally display the application on all common device types such as PCs, tablets and smartphones. The flexibility in the structure of the masks allows only the most important information to be offered in the right place..

The alfa WebStore offers end customers the opportunity to place their ads independently and online in their browser. To do this, alfa Media uses the layout tool alfa Stylo, which makes it easy to generate appealing, creative motifs. Digital and interactive ads can be offered in an impressive way to attract new users. During the conception the highest priority was on user experience: The user enjoys using this product and gets support during the sales process. Upselling possibilities are automatically offered in addition. The user interface is responsive and multilingual, and the customer can adapt the user interface according to his corporate design specifications.

Interactive, digital, print: As a browser layout tool, alfa Stylo offers an optimal price/performance ratio by reducing expensive licensing costs, since no classic layout tools are required anymore. Especially in the field of upselling, the concept offers impressive opportunities to offer customers a variety of high-quality ads. All this, of course, in real time and WYSIWYG - with just one click. A further characteristic lies in the organization of interactive advertisement samples. The visualization of static elements of the advertisement provides various interactions and effects in digital format, thus offering a user experience of a special kind. Advertisement motifs can be generated equally via print, online and for mobile output devices from a central tool.