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Why is it so important to carefully consider which font you want to use?

Text must be legible so that the information contained therein is clear and concise.  The art of typography aims to make text readable without tiring the eyes or putting the reader off.  In principle, the same rules apply whether the font is used in a flyer, which aims to provide short, concise information or a book with continuous text covering hundreds of pages. 

Fonts influence our reading habits

The choice of font has a lot to do with our reading habits and also, indirectly, with psychology.  For books and other long texts we traditionally use serif fonts.  Serif fonts give the eye natural stops, so it is easier to follow the text flow particularly for printed products.  Display ads and digital content may contain short blocks of text interspersed with supplementary graphics so they tend to use sans serif fonts.  These fonts have a more pleasing clean, appearance, whether for printed or digital content, online, tablet and mobile.

Which font for which occasion?

An important criterion for the choice of font is the purpose of the printed, online or mobile product.  Different fonts can help to differentiate your content, whether it is displayed as a printed product, online content, or for website or tablet, or a pop-up ad displayed on your mobile phone.

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